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Wisconsin's Premier RUSH Tribute Band
The Shack November 14th 2009

The Spirit Of Radio                                                                                New World Man
Subdivisions                                                                                  A Passage To Bangkok
The Trees/Closer To The Heart                                                                             Freewill
La Villa Strangiato                                                                                            Xanadu
2112 Side One                                                                                          Red Barchetta
Dreamline                                                                                    Distant Early Warning
Vital Signs                                                                                               Working Man
                                                                                                        Drum Solo
Louigi Part I                                                                                            Louigi Part II
Louigi Part III                                                                                              The Sphere

Medley 1
Finding My Way/Anthem/Bastille Day/What Your Doing/
Beneath, Between & Behind/Cyngus-X1/Hemispheres

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